feeding trash

A series of digital editing images – 30 cm x 30 cm & Video animation

link for video

How do we envision the oceans of the future? When it is predicted that by 2050, there will be more waste than fish in the ocean!

Imagining the future of the ocean means imagining the fate of its inhabitants. Imagine the food chain could turn into chaos in the oceans, bits of plastic and other debris seeping into the soil, fish and air, threatening the health of animals and of course, humans. Later, it will not be surprising if more and more fish eat garbage and plastic in the ocean.

Feeding trash, is an imaginary picture of fish mutations in the future when they are continuously exposed to trash in the ocean. I use the type of garbage that I found in my research on several beaches in Indonesia.  At that time maybe the garbage that we throw away is what will form a new evolutionary face for fish in the future.