Petrifish; sebuah cerita dari Kali Oyo

Cemeti – Institut untuk Seni dan Masyarakat
Residency program 01 September 2019 – 30 November 2019











Mixed media and variable dimension


Departing from his thematic interest related to the desolation of the sea in the future, Dhanny ‘Danot’ Sanjaya sought new possibilities by looking at this issue within the framework of the local situation in Yogyakarta. In the initial period of his residency, he met with several lecturers, sociologists, researchers, and fish farmers to understand the conditions of fisheries in Yogyakarta. Danot continued his investigation and eventually met with Irwanjasmoro, an independent river activist, who took him on several river explorations to see a different reality. With Irwan, Danot saw other problems related to local fishing conditions that were closely tied to unhealthy practices implemented in the river. One thing that interested him personally were the competitive nature between species of fish in the river’s ecosystem. Invasive migratory fish species placed by residents and government at several river points, an effort to support fish cultivation, turned out to be new competitors in the struggle for habitat and food sources for local fish species that have naturally lived and bred in the river.

Danot uses various stories and data as a base in building the narrative of his work, where he draws out the subject of the lost fish population in the ocean to the story of the river and consumption pattern of the local community. He then stitches these two problems into a fiction of the latest food technology discovery known as ‘cultured meat’ that offers lab grown, cell based-flesh and slaughter-free meat. This meat is claimed to be healthier with lower carbon emissions in its production.