non binary

HOF Art Residency – Bangkok
Agustus 2016

Non Binary
Mixed Media Artwork & Variable Dimension
Documentary Video, Photo and Postcard


For Dhanny this residency was all about learning and exchanging experiences and knowledge. His research focused on the issues of identity, and he became fascinated by the openness of Thai culture towards Transgender and LGBT in comparison to his own culture back home in Indonesia. He tried to work on investigating this transgender culture during his residency in Bangkok. He perceives transgender culture as not very well accepted back home in Indonesia. Human sexuality in any form is rarely discussed or depicted openly.

This resulted in an exhibition titled ‘Non Binary’ and was the outcome of his research. He spent time with a select few transgender friends in order to learn their stories and share experiences that informed a new documentary film. He made interviews, from which he learn and understood more about LGBT culture, and about society’s views of it in Thailand. This research also makes him wonder whether an identity should be fluid? In his work, Dhanny invited the audience to play with and question how we perceive the identity of both ourselves and others through this exhibition.