dialog tentang batas

REST AREA – Perupa Membaca Indonesia
7-27 Maret 2017
Galeri Nasional Indonesia




Dialog Tentang Batas#2
Acrylic paint on 2 layer Acrylic sheet – 90x120cm
Installation (resin & candle) – 6x10cm

With the differences in my parents’ beliefs – Catholic and Confucian -, I realized that these differences shape the way I see faith. It all started with my interest in having a discussion with my parents talking about death and how they would be buried separately because of differences in religion, how to compromise whether one of them would need to change their faith after more than a decade of marriage, for the sake of side-by-side burials. This work tries to show imaginary lines that occur in differences in harmonious family life. Therefore, “Dialogue” opens up space to keep asking questions; When, where, and how did differences matter.