the silenced ocean

Photos by :  Bey Shouqi Hamidy

Galeri Talenta – Tangerang
Mixed media and variable dimension


Departing from a future narrative about the possibility of the sea becoming empty, this work exists as a vehicle that will take us back to the past, tracing the path we (humans) have traveled to re-examine how we as humans position ourselves with the environment and other organisms. . “The silenced ocean”, is not just a landscape whose beauty overshadows all disappointments…but also as an irony for human success in building civilization, strengthening supremacy.

At the beginning of our interest in anything, the easiest question is the shape or taste, these events are inherited by the long process of human evolution. The long process of evolution also makes us actually able (if we want) to ask ourselves about this attraction, “Do I need it?”, then “What impact will it have on the surroundings?”.