Tambah Tumbuh

Tambah Tumbuh
odd gallery – Cangu
Bali 2016

Collected receipt
Untitled, Sewing thread and acrylic in recycle paper (14 x 29.7cm) 2016
Untitled, Acrylic in recycle paper (14 x 29.7cm) 2016
Untitled, Collage in recycle paper (14 x 29.7cm) 2016

“Tambah Tumbuh” is a phrase in Indonesian language which has so much meanings; it can be “More Growing”, “More Positive”. Tambah Tumbuh happens unintentionally.

A collaborative project which is occurred based on our similarity of thought. As a modern human being, It’s unavoidable that we have daily needs to be fulfill. On this opportunity we are making a respond about a process that happens continously. our daily activities are often related with sales transaction that produce a receipt.

Start with collecting our daily receipts, we also collect all kinds of paper waste to be “reborn” Have you ever wondered, how many receipt that you get in your lifetime? #TAMBAHTUMBUH

Tambah Tumbuh Project collaboration with Nady Azhry, Adyani Dewi ,and Erin Tasmin.